Industrial Handheld Terminal
December, 2015

Casio is pleased to announce the release of the 3G WWAN Backpack accessory for the IT-9000 handheld by Cardinal Tracking, Inc.

Cardinal’s 3G WWAN Backpack attaches to the Casio IT-9000 via the expansion port and requires no additional battery or power supply. The device is compatible with all IT-9000 standard features and accessories including the 2D imager, integrated printer, and MCR.

The 3G WWAN Backpack supports dual mode CMDA2000 and WCMDA.

For pricing or questions and further information, please Click Here.

March 2015

Casio is pleased to inform that the Third party d-broad's SD-Link11n (Wireless LAN card) is now distributed and sold for use with IT-9000 Handheld by the Distributors in North America.

This optional SD card enables to use IT-9000 in IEEE802.11b/g/n LAN Network. It enhances the functionalities of IT-9000 by providing wireless on-line real time data communication.

For your reference, please note that main features, specifications and restrictions are described in following pages: SD-Link11n

January 2015
Casio adds 802.11 wireless capability to IT-300 and IT-800.
Now even greater functionality is added to these two excellent enterprise devices allowing increased productivity and information exchange for Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Warehousing/Logistics applications.
January 2013
Casio IT-3100 Success Story - California Shredding company uses Casio Mobile Printer Terminal to cut costs in their field operations.
April, 2012
Casio America releases a new rugged All-In-One Handheld Terminal, IT-9000, with integrated printer for mobile point-of-sale (POS), meter reading, car parking enforcement, field force automation and queue busting operations.
June, 2011
Casio America launches a new industrial PDA, IT-300, that combines the user-friendliness of smartphones with the security and performance of an industrial PDA.
June, 2010
Casio America releases CASIO Easy Data Collection software today. CASIO Easy Data Collection is a ultra simple application generator working together with Excel. more info.
June, 2010
Casio America launches a new industrial PDA, IT-800, that combines toughness and durability in a compact and elegant design to suit a wide range of business environments.
July 04 , 2009
Casio America, Inc. introduces a new-generation industrial handheld terminal, the DT-X30, which will come equipped with wireless WAN connectivity that can be used to send and receive detailed data in real time between field service operators and office-based management staffs.

March19, 2009

The Casio IT-3100 Rugged Mobile Computer with integrated 3” printer is making even further inroads with the utilization of wide area wireless gprs capabilities. The real-time data communications capability of the IT-3100 has allowed for greater efficiencies and cost savings for such applications as Field Service, Route Accounting, DSD, Mobile Point of Sale, Hospitality, and Public Safety/Parking enforcement. more info.
August 26, 2008
Casio America, Inc. introduces the IT-3100, a successor of the IT-3000 series Industrial Data Terminal which is a long-run seller especially in parking enforcement applications. The enhanced version in software and hardware can offer the latest technological revolution with newly employed devices and components available today.
September 03, 2007
Casio Computer Co., Ltd., has released details on its new DT-X7 grip-type handheld terminal with linear imager. The new handheld terminal, intended for users in the retail, transportation, logistics and other industries, is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2007.
August 14, 2007
CASIO America, Inc. announced that it will launch the IT-600, a new Industrial Handheld Terminal featuring an enhanced linear imager scanner, a digital camera, an impact-resistant, dust and splash proof body. The IT-600 will go on sale in Q4 2007.
August 1, 2007
Casio, Inc, the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to CASIO America, Inc., effective today.  The new name change follows the company’s major milestone, which was welcomed in June of 2007 – the 50th Anniversary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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