Industrial Handheld Terminal
Media Security
Media Security is a software product that provides the IT-800 with compositive data security features. It scrambles the data stored in a memory card, and furthermore prohibits others from accessing the scrambled card. That is, the others cannot access the scrambled card even if they had the Media Security software.

Note that the Media Security software can operate with the CASIO handheld terminal only.
Features of Media Security:
  1. Media Security uses the robust encryption mechanism that uses the Multi Dimensional Space Rotation algorithm for the encryption.
  2. Media Security encrypts not only the files on the memory card, but also the memory card itself. That is, the scrambled card can be opened only by the predefined PDA and the PC.
  3. Media Security provides a special driver to access the scrambled card so that the PDA can access the the card without changing the existing application.
Operating Environment
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32bit only)
Handheld Terminal
IT-800, (IT-300)
Windows and Windows VISTA are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and/or other countries.


Click here to download the Media Security software.