Industrial Handheld Terminal
    Standard Microsoft Pocket PC   EG-800, Industrial Cassiopeia is 65,536 Color Palm-size device which uses the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system and is perfect for many business applications. Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 OS supports the open development environment enables easy and fast application development.  
    Ruggedized design   Water resistant and drop testing enable reliable outdoor use for SFA (Sales Force Automation) and FFA (Field Force Automation) applications.  
      Color LCD screen   65,536 colors touch display is ideal for any business application such as merchandising and store planning applications.  
      Flexibility   Many interface cards via Compact flash card slot.  
          Casio continues to expand its range of rugged Pocket PC terminals designed specifically for the exacting demands of the corporate market place. Casio's advanced miniaturization and expertise in consumer electronics have now been combined with the needs of the corporate mobile user for ruggedized portability.  
      Open Architecture   Microsoft's Pocket PC is supported worldwide by a vast network of software developers. To corporate users who plan to install mobile terminals into their workforce for the first time, their IT departments will relish the familiarity of standard Win32 APIs and the ease of data synchronization and interfacing to their PC network and back office systems. Developers can fully utilize their existing knowledge of Visual Basic and Visual C++ and create applications using the most appropriate architecture - client/server, thin-client or Web-based.