Industrial Handheld Terminal
CASIO Industrial Handheld Terminals

IT-300 series

  • IT-300-35E

Suitable for a wide range of applications – from warehouse management to retail staff, and even healthcare and service solutions – the IT-300 is a slim, lightweight device that is tough enough to withstand the rigours of a busy working environment. It is dust and splash proof in accordance with IP54, will work in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F and can even survive drops from 5ft.

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IT-800 series

  • IT-800EC-05
  • IT-800EC-35
  • IT-800A-35U
The Casio IT-800 series PDA offers a new communication technology. It is the contactless smart card reader/writer ("Near Field Communication") that enables the PDA to exchange data in short range with a card suitable typically for passenger transport ticketing and ID or member ship cards (Smart Card).

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IT-9000 series

  • IT-9000MC25E
  • IT-9000C25E

The IT-9000 is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal equipped with a built-in thermal printer and near field communication (NFC) reader/writer designed for contactless smart cards and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, a C-MOS Imager for scanning 1D and 2D symbologies, an optional magnetic card reader, and a colour auto-focus digital camera.

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CASIO Software Development Tool
Media Security Media Security is a software product that provides compositive data security features.
Media Security scrambles the data stored in a memory card, and furthermore prohibits others from accessing the scrambled card. That is, the others cannot access the scrambled card even if they had Media Security software.
CASIO Easy Data Collection CASIO Easy Data Collection is a ultra simple application generator working together with Excel. It easily converts an Excel spreadsheet to a handheld terminal application program and loads into the handheld terminal. Once the user utilizes the Easy Collection application program to collect data, Easy Collection then seamlessly retrieves the collected data back into the Excel spreadsheet on the host PC.
Discontinued Models


  • DT-X5M30U

The Casio DT-X5 industrial Handheld Terminal features Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system, an impact resistant, dust and splash proof body and highly improved saving functionality. C-MOS imager makes it possible to read 1D barcodes and PDF-417, MicroPDF and RSS stacked symbologies. Bluetooth Wireless Communication is built-in as standard.

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  • DT-X7M10U


The Casio DT-X7 is a grip-type handheld terminal with a linear imager scanner. This very light terminal has been designed in accordance with the concept of human-centred design for interactive systems, based on the internationally recognized ISO 13407 standard. Its contoured design makes it comfortable to hold, and quick and easy to use. And its unique shape allows for faster, more accurate barcode scanning.

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DT-X30 series

  • DT-X30G35U
  • DT-X30G35UC
The new DT-X30 series handheld terminal has been designed and built using the ISO13407 Human-Centered Design processes for "easy to operate and comfortable to scan" in mind. The DT-X30 also comes with rugged casing that can provide the IP67 level toughness compliant with the IEC60529 international standard for outstanding performance in all sorts of environment.

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DT-X10 series

  • DT-X10M30U
  • DT-X10M30URC

The Casio DT-X10 series is the ideal solutions platform for a wide range of vertical markets. With its bright indoor/outdoor color screen, built-in Bluetooth®, and integrated 1D/2D CMOS imager, it is perfect for package tracking, and inventory applications. DT-X10M30U features a PC Card slot and DT-X10M30URC has a built-in wireless LAN 802.11b module.

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  • DT-X11M30U

The Casio DT-X11 is a rugged, high-speed scanning terminal, designed for demanding applications such as transportation and logistics, retail and service management. Featuring a C-MOS Imager, as well as versatile communication options, the DT-X11 is equipped to handle the challenges of these markets.

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  • EG-800

The Casio EG-800U Industrial terminal is 65,536 Color Palm-size device which uses the Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 operating system and is perfect for many business applications.

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IT-10 series

  • IT-10M20
  • IT-10M30B


The Casio IT-10 series offers a higher level of performance by offering greater durability, a high resolution VGA display that is both advantageous for web-based application developers as well as allowing easy viewing for users, and a high capacity battery for extended operation time between charges.

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IT-3100 series

  • IT-3100M53E
  • IT-3100M54E
  • IT-3100M55U
  • IT-3100M56U
The Casio IT-3100 series features a built-in high speed thermal printer capable of printing up to 28 lines per second. It runs on the Microsoft® Windows®CE 5.0 operating system for easy development and integration into the enterprise. The IT-3100 also features the advanced 2-way TFT color LCD screen with improved visibility.

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IT-600 series

  • IT-600M30U
  • IT-600M30UC

The Casio IT-600 series is a rugged, water and dust resistant mobile computer. Featuring an integrated CMOS imager scanner, with optional 1 megapixel digital camera, it is adaptable for use in a variety of business environments including retail and parking enforcement.

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IT-70/700 Series

  • IT-700M30E
  • IT-700M30RC
  • IT-70M30E
  • IT-70M30RC

The Casio IT-70/IT-70 series are designed for heavy-duty corporate environment with color and monochrome models. IT-70M30RC and IT-700M30RC are provided with a built-in wireless LAN 802.11b.

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IT-3000 series

  • IT-3000M53E
  • IT-3000M54E2
  • IT-3000M55U
  • IT-3000M56U
The Casio IT-3000 series features a built-in high speed thermal printer capable of printing up to 28 lines per second. It runs on the Microsoft® Windows®CE .NET operating system for easy development and integration into the enterprise.

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  • MPC-701M30E
  • MPC-701M50E

The Casio MPC-701 Pen Note Pad/Tablet PC is your mobile application solution with dual batteries system that allows for long uninterrupted operation.

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