Industrial Handheld Terminal
IT-700/70 Series
  Standard Microsoft Pocket PC  
Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 OS supports the open development environment enables easy and fast application development.
  Ruggedized design  
Water resistant and drop testing enable reliable outdoor use for SFA (Sales Force Automation) and FFA (Field Force Automation) applications.
  Color or Monochrome LCD screen  
65,536 colors touch display is ideal for any business application such as merchandising and store planning applications.
Many interface card via Compact flash card slot.
  Model Selection  
IT-700M30RC : Color LCD with built-in Wireless LAN model
IT-700M30E : Color LCD model
IT-70M30RC : Monochrome LCD with built-in Wireless LAN model
IT-70M30E : Monochrome LCD model
  Wireless LAN  
The IT-70RF and IT-700RF are provided with an integrated 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio frequency module. This is compliant with the IEEE 802.11b open standard. Consequently, both models are wireless-ready out of the box for local area network (LAN) connectivity, and can seamlessly integrate into any IEEE 802.11b network.

These wireless-ready models are particularly appropriate for warehouse, logistics, quality control, production control, healthcare, and restaurant order taking applications.
The IT-70/IT-700's lightweight design (coupled with its robustness) truly provide the means to extend a company's traditional computing network out of the office and into the hands of the mobile worker. With all models weighing around 300g (including battery and RF models) these terminals can be carried and handled for long operational shifts without fatigue. Their compact design allows them to fit comfortably in a pocket, carry case or holster*
* not supplied as an option
  Easy Operation  
The slim line width of each model means that they can fit easily and comfortably into a user's palm. A 65,536 colors display greatly extends the range of corporate applications for which these models can be used.
A range of accessories allow the IT-70/IT-700 to be easily integrated into a computing network and to be used with a host of peripheral devices. An integrated IrDA interface enables wireless connection and wireless printing. An optional recharging cradle can be permanently connected and networked to a PC system. A long-life rechargeable battery is also available.
The entire range can withstand outdoor usage. Each model has been tested to the demanding Industrial Protection level 2 designed to simulate exposure to rain conditions. Every orientation has been tested by multiple dropping from a height of 1 meter (or 0.7 meters for color display models). Reliable operation is ensured even with the use of Casio's compact laser scanning option or the integrated RF models.
  Open Architecture  
Microsoft's Pocket PC is supported worldwide by a vast network of software developers. To corporate users who plan to install mobile terminals into their workforce for the first time, their IT departments will relish the familiarity of standard Win32 APIs and the ease of data synchronization and interfacing to their PC network and back office systems. Developers can fully utilize their existing knowledge of Visual Basic and Visual C++ and create applications using the most appropriate architecture - client/server, thin-client or Web-based.