Industrial Handheld Terminal
MPC-701 Pen Tablet PC
  CD-ROM Drive
  PCMCIA 2.1 interface
  Data transfer rate; normal mode 1,050 kb/s (Inner 7X) to 2,400 kb/s (outer 16X)
  Access time; 150 ms typical
  Dimensions; 130 (W) x 157(D) x 16.5(H) mm
  Weight; approximately 250 g
(without card and interface cable)
  Floppy Disk Drive
  3.5 inches
  USB interface
  1.44 MB
  Dimensions; 103.5(W) x 142(D) x 17.2(H) mm
  Weight; approximately 285 g
  AC Adaptor
  Rated input voltage; 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  Rated input current; 0.6 to 1.2A
  Rated output; 16VDC 3.75A
  Compliance; IEC60950 Class II
  Dimensions; 127 (W) x 51(D) x 28(H) mm
  Weight; approximately 230 g
  The stand is to be used to mount the MPC-701 in either upright position or tilted position, selectable in four different angles.
  Dimensions; 263(W) x 154 (D) x 209 (H) mm
( at 80-degree tilted position )
  Weight; approximately 740 g
  Battery holder
  The battery holder houses two pieces of the MPC-733BAT (Lithium-ion battery) and can be snapped onto the body of MPC-701.
  Dimensions; 247 (W) x 51 (D) x 26 (H) mm
  Weight; approximately 70 g
  Dual battery charger
  Charging method; constant current and voltage
  Rated input; DC16V 1.2A
  Charging hour; 2.5 hours
  Dimensions; 79.0 (W) x 250.3 (D) x 46.1 (H) mm
  Weight; approximately 280 g
  Battery pack (Lithium-Ion battery)
  Rated capacity; 2,000 mAH 11.1V
  Required charge time; 2.5 hours
  Dimensions; 206 (W) x 22 (D) x 23.6 (H) mm
  Weight; approximately 165 g
  Screen protector
  The screen protective film is to protect the display surface from scratches. 5 pcs of the film in one pack.
  Car adaptor
  Car adaptor to provide MPC-701 with DC power from the cigarette lighter of vehicle.
  Rated output; 16 VDC, 3.75A
  Compliance; UL, e-mark
  Dimensions; 44 (W) x 94 (D) x 28 (H) mm
  Weight; approximately 280 g (including the cord)
  Expansion memory board
  Expansion memory board with 128 MB (SO-DIMM)
  Expansion memory board

Expansion memory board with 256MB(SO-DIMM)

  The accessories in the carton box
  Accessories come as standard; Battery holder x 1pc, Stylus x 2pcs, Lithium-ion battery(MPC-773BAT) x 2pcs, Screen protector x 1pc, Neck strap x 1pc, Modular cable x 1pc, User's guide x 1pc, Recovery CD-ROM x 1pc, Windows 2000 Professional SP2 User manual x 1pc and Windows 2000 Professional SP2 CD-ROM x 1pc.